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October Newsletter

Dear Growing Learners Families,

     2020 has been a particularly challenging year for so many people.  With so much going on in America many of our Growing Learners community members have been reaching out to inquire about how we include diversity in our curriculum.  

     We want to share with you that, to us, this topic is a part of our everyday teaching. We understand that the roots of empathy begin in the infant and toddler stage.  At Growing Learners we work daily to aid the children in becoming kind citizens who are respectful and understanding of all of the people in our world.

     In all age groups the children are provided with access to books such as Pink is For Boys, I Am Enough, and Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History.  We also have a variety of materials that depict differences whether it be multicultural puppets/dolls, block area and dramatic play figures, or pictures that normalize different family dynamics or handicaps.

     In our Preschool and Kindergarten Prep programs we begin learning more in depth about a variety of different cultures and Holidays. In years past we have invited parents to share their unique family traditions with the class and this past February the children learned about Martin Luther King Jr Day, and what that continued movement stands for. The culmination of the unit was the ‘I Have a Dream project’ where each child wrote and drew what their wish for the world was.

     In this month’s newsletter we have decided to highlight some of our materials and projects the children have done this month that focus on diversity and inclusion. Our team understands that awareness is empowering and essential in the early years to becoming kind adults.



The Growing Learners Team

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